BIOS Editing Intel ME Region Fixing Online Training

       01. Understanding BIOS Dump File (.rom, .bin, .wph, .fd etc. ).

       02. Difference between AMD And INTEL Bios.

       03. How to Extract BIOS Dump File from exe and other file format.

       04. Understanding & Using Different Kinds of HEX Editor Tools.

       05. BIOS Code Editing: Understanding BIOS Header & Tail Region.

       06. How to Identify Update BIOS Dump Is Encrypted.

       06. Different Kinds Of Tools & Technique For Decrypt The Encrypted BIOS.

       07. Main (PCH) BIOS and EC/SIO BIOS Concept.

       08. How to Identify PCH BIOS Region & EC BIOS Region in Update.

       09. How to Cut, Edit & Make PCH & EC BIOS from Update.

       10. Edit & Make Full BIOS If Update File Is Only Half Or less Compare Original.

       11. How to Make Full BIOS If Update File Is Bigger Than Original BIOS.

       12. Way to Make PCH BIOS & EC BIOS if no Update is available.

       13. Fixing Directly Missing HP & Acer Serial, Product etc. Info After Reprogram BIOS.

       14. Edit & Replace Apple Serial info Directly On BIOS Dump.

       15. Unlock Or Remove Apple & Other Laptop BIOS Password By Using Tools And Editing BIOS Dump.

       01. Understanding INTEL ME Region in BIOS.         

       02. When & why we need to Fix ME Region in BIOS.

       03. How to Identify ME Region in BIOS.

       04. Understanding Clean ME Region & Corrupted ME Region.

       05. How to Edit ME Region & Marge it With BIOS Region.

       06. How to Clean Corrupted ME Region using Tools.

       07. How to Make ME Region when BIOS is not available.

► Course Duration :
♦ Direct  : 5 Days.
♦ Online : 7 Days.
► Course Fee :
♦ Direct  : BDT 10000
♦ Online : USD 125 
► Online Payment : PayPal Or Credit Card.

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► Advantages for Students :

      01. Student Gets Videos, PDF, Text And Other Necessary Files For BIOS Repair.

      02. Student Gets all Software & Tools need to Fixing BIOS.

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