Laptop Card Level Service Training Course In Dhaka Bangladesh
Class One: Theory & Practical
► All Brands Laptop Assembly Process & De-assembly Process
► Cleaning And Washing Process of Laptop Motherboard
► LCD & LED Panel Replacement Process
► Fixing Broken or Damaged (Casing, Hinge etc.) Laptop
► DC Jack & Other Connector Repair and Replacement Process
Class Two: Theory & Practical
► Soldering Technique.
► How to Solder & De-solder Different IC In Laptop Mother Board.
► Use of Soldering Iron, Hot Gun & Heat Gun
► Use of Multi Meter: Analog & Digital
► DC Jack & Other Connector Repair and Replacement Process
► Use of LCR Meter (Capacitance & Inductance)
► Use of Frequency Counter (Measuring Clock signals & Crystal)
► Use of Oscilloscope (CRO)
Class Three: Theory & Practical
► Laptop Mother Board Reading (Which company made it)
► Laptop Block Diagram Concept
► Differences Between INTEL Motherboard and AMD Motherboard
► How to Identify CPU, GMCH, ICH, PCH, SIO, BIOS, Clock, Crystal and Musk etc. Chip.
► Docking, PCI, Mini Card etc. Connector Identifying
► LAN & AUDIO Chip Identifying
Class Four: Theory & Practical
► Understanding Laptop Schematic Diagram & Board View
► Understanding Different IC’s Datasheet
► Various Section of ICH / PCH Controller & Connector
► Various Section of GMCH Controller & Connector
► Use of Debug Card (Laptop & Desktop)
► Use of CPU, RAM Slot & LCD/LED tester
► Understanding Main BIOS & EC BIOS
► Use of BIOS Programmer
► Understanding Data bus, Address Bus & Control Bus.
► Understanding BUS Line: FSB, DMI, PCI, PCIE, LPC & SPI BUS Interface.

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