Lenovo Laptop Adapter Charger 20V 3.25A 65W (4.0mm X 1.7mm)


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Support Laptops Universal Fits All Lenovo Laptop Adapter Charger Same Space: 20V 3.25A 65W (4.0mm X 1.7mm)
Condition Brand New (OEM), Genuine parts & Grade A+.
Warrenty 6 Months.
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Lenovo Laptop Adapter Charger 20V 3.25A 65W (4.0mm X 1.7mm)
Laptop Adapter Charger for the above model is made from original company & high quality parts and MCS confirms the specifications similar to your laptop requirements.
Need to Check & Consider Before You Buy This Laptop Adapter :
❂ Please check the photos before you purchase the Laptop Adapter.
❂ Make sure new adapter has same DC Jack Size, Voltage, Ampere & Watts as your old one!.
❂ If you are not sure about DC Jack Size, Voltage, Ampere & Watts send us your laptop model or Adapter Image…
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Product Specifications
Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Output: 20V 3.25A 65W
DC Tip Size: 4.0mm X 1.7mm
Materials: Manufactured with the highest quality materials
Protection: Built-in overload, over-voltage and short circuit protection
Compatible Laptop Models (Use Ctrl+F Key To Find Your Model)
Universal Fits All Lenovo Laptop Adapter Charger Same Space: 20V 3.25A 65W (4.0mm X 1.7mm)

Lenovo Ideapad Series:
100-14: 100-14IBY 100-14IBD 80MH 80MH000XUS 80MH000YUS 80MH0012US 80MH005HUS 80MH005KUS 80MH005LUS

100-15: 100-15IBY 100-15IBD 80QQ 80MJ 80QQ0060US 80QQ00CEUS 80QQ002DUS 80QQ00E6US 80QQ00JGUS 80MJ00AEUS 80MJ0017US 80MJ0018US 80MJ0019US 80MJ001AUS 80MJ001BUS

110-14: 110-14IBR 110-14ISK 110-14AST

110-15: 110-15ISK 110-15IBR 110-15ACL 110-15AST 80T7 80TJ 80UD 80T7000HUS 80T70012US 80T700ACUS 80TJ00BRUS 80TJ002CUS 80TJ002DUS 80TJ002EUS 80TJ00BRUS 80UD0017US 80UD001RUS 80UD007KUS 80UD00M3US

110-17: 110-17IKB 110-17ISK 110-17ACL 80UM 80VK 80VK003KUS 80UM0034US

110S: 110S-11IBR 80WG 80WG0001US

120S: 120S-11IAP 120S-14IAP 81A4 81A40025US 81A40025U 120S-14IAP 81A5 81A5001UUS Ideapad 2 in 1-14 81CW 81CX 81CW0000US

130: 130-14IKB 130-15IKB 130-15AST 81H5 81H6 81H7 81H5000NU 81H6001CUS 81H6001DUS 81H6001EU 81H6001GUS 81H70003US 81H70004US 81H70006US

310: 310-14IKB 310-14IAP 310-15ISK 310-15IKB 310-15ABR 310 Touch-15IKB 310-15IAP 80ST 80ST001MU 80ST001NUS 80ST0025US 80ST005VUS 80ST005XUS 80ST0005US 80ST000KUS 80TV 80TV00BJUS 80TV00WGUS 80TV00WKUS 80TV00BGUS 80TV00W1US

310S: 310S-11IAP 310S-14ISK 310S-14IKB 310S-14AST 310S-15ISK 310S-15IKB

320: 320-14ISK 320-14IKB 320-15IAP 80XR 320-15IKB 320-15AST 320-15ABR 320-15IKBN 80XS 320-17IKB 320-17ISK 80XM 80XL

330: 330-14IKB 330-14AST 330-15IGM 330-15ARR 330-15IKB 330-15AST 330-15IKB 330-17IKB 330-17AST

510: 510-14ISK 510-15ISK 510-15IKB

520: 520-15IKB 520H-15IKB 520L-15IKB 520R-15IKB 520E-15IKB

Lenovo Flex Series:

Flex 4: Flex 4-1470 4-1435 4-1480 4-1570 4-1580 4-1130 80KE 80KE000FUS 80SA 80SA0000US 80SA0002US 80SA0003US 80SA0004US 80SA0006US 80SA000AUS 80SB 80SB0000US 80SB0002US 80SB0003US 80SB0004US 80SB0005US 80U3 80U30001US 80VD 80VD0007US 80VD000CUS 80VD000FUS 80VE 80VE000CUS 80VE000DUS 80VE000FUS 80VE000GUS 80VE000HUS 80VE000MUS

Flex 5: Flex 5 5-1470 5-1570 80XA 80XA0000US 80XA0001US 81C9 81C90009U 80XB 80XB0000US 80XB000LUS 81CA 81CA0008US

Flex 6: Flex 6 6-11IGM 6-14IKB 6-14ARR

Lenovo Chromebook Series:

N22: N22 N22-20 Winbook N22 Model 80S6 80S60000US 80S60001US 80S60005US 80S6000AUS 80S60015US 80SF 80SF0000US 80SF0001US 80SF001EUS 80SF001FUS 80VH 80VH0001US 80VH0004US 80VH0005US

N23: N23 Chromebook 80UR 80YS 80YS0003US 80UR0002US 80UR0004US 80UR0006US ( NOT N23 Yoga Chromebook )

N42: N42-20 N42-20T 80US 80VJ 80US0000US 4541540

Package Includes
► 1 Pcs Lenovo Laptop Adapter Charger 20V 3.25A 65W (4.0mm X 1.7mm). – LNA074
Attention: Power Cable Not Included.


Warranty Policy

The Entire Warranty Claim Process Can Take 01-10 Working Days. Warranty Void For Damages Due To Misuse Of Product, Physical Damage, Electrical & Short Circuit Fault And Warranty Sticker Removed.

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