Mechanic 850 Circuit Board Cleaner Water For Cleaning PCB


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Brand Mechanic
Manufacturer China
Condition Brand New High Quality
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Mechanic 850 Circuit Board Cleaner Water For Cleaning PCB
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Product Details
*Low Conductivity
*Evaporates Quickly
*Environmentally Safe
*Specially Good Effect Contact Cleaner
*Chemical Properties of Stability
*This product is an exceptionally strong ability of the cleaning agents.
*In the Electronic industry, it is mainly used for washing the residues of rosin, solder, flux and so on when printed circuit board (PCB), and the other for cleaning rosin, grease, dirt and other excellent cleaning ability.
*The agent can replace Freon and another volatile solvent, its cleaning ability has little effect on CAP and RES.
*Fully volatile, drying fast, without leaving any residues after cleaning.
*Apply to appliances for PCB board need cleaning after soldering.
*Products are free of CFCs on the environment of hazardous substances such as alkanes, do not contain toluene and other toxic substances.
Package Includes
Mechanic 850 Circuit Board Cleaner Water For Cleaning PCB


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