ZM-R5860 BGA Rework Station For Motherboard Repair BGA Chipset Reball Replace


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Brand & Model ZM-R5860 BGA Rework Station For Motherboard Repair BGA Chipset Reball Replace.
Made By Seamark ZM Zhuomao China
Condition Original Brand New
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Seamark ZM Zhuomao ZM-R5860 BGA Rework Station 4800W For Motherboard Repair BGA Chipset Reball Replace
Zhuomao ZM-R5860 BGA Rework station For Motherboard Repair 4800W 3 independent Heating Zone
ZM-R5860 laptop repair station with touch screen, easy operation high quality and good price OEM
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Product Description
Total power:   4800 WTop heater:     800 WLower heater: 1200 WBottom infrared pre-heater: 2700 W

Power supply: AC220V 50/60HZ

Machine Dimension: L710mm * W680mm * H660mm

PCB MIN size: 40 mm * 40 mm

PCB MAX size: 410 mm * 370 mm


1. The machine used touch-screen interface and PLC control to show the three temperature graphs at any time, so that the temperature error can be controlled within 1°.

2. Have 7 temperature sections for control such as preheating, insulation, heating, welding 1, welding 2, cooling and refrigeration. The excellent temperature control system ensures the effectiveness of welding.

3. It can save 1 to 100 groups of graph parameters at one time. It can analyze the graphs and change the settings at any time on the touch screen.

4. There are three independent heating areas from top to bottom. The first and second temperature areas can control many groups & sections of temperature parameters at the same time. The third area preheats the PCB thoroughly to achieve the best welding effect. Temperature, time, slope, cooling and alarming all display on the touch screen.

5. Choose imported high-precision K-Sensor with closed-loop to detect up/down temperature precisely.

6. After finishing desoldering & soldering, there is an alarming. When the temperature goes beyond control, the electric circuit can cut off automatically, with over-heating protection.

7. Use a powerful cross-flow fan to cool PCB rapidly to prevent it from deformation and ensure the welding effect.

8. Use a V-groove equipped with a flexible fixture for PCB positioning to protect the PCB.

9. For large thermal capacity of PCB/CSP or other high-temperature lead-free requirements, all  can be handled easily.

10. The hot air nozzle can rotate 360 ° freely and it’s easy to replace. Offering BGA nozzles of different sizes for you to replace easily. Nozzles of special requirements are customizable.

Package Includes
► 1 Pcs ZM-R 5860 BGA Rework station
► 6 Pcs Fixture
► 6 Pcs M5*30 Supporting screw
► 6 Pcs Plum blossoms handle
► 1 Pcs Temperature sensor
► 1 Pcs Vacuum sucker
► 1 Pcs Nozzle 31*31
► 1 Pcs Nozzle 38*38
► 1 Pcs Nozzle 28*28
► 1 Pcs Nozzle 41*41
► 1 Pcs Nozzle 35*35


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