► Dead Laptop or No Sign of Life Fault Finding
► Laptop Runs only with DC Connection (Adapter) but Battery do not work
► Laptop Runs only with Battery Connection but DC Connection (Adapter) do not work
► Battery Charger Fault Finding
► Primary Voltage Missing: Laptop do not power up
► Secondary Voltage Missing: Laptop Power up but no display
► System IC Section / 5v-3v IC Fault Finding
► Memory Section / Memory Chip Fault Finding
► SIO Chip Fault finding
► BIOS Chip Fault Finding
► South Bridge ICH/ PCH/ FCH/ MCP Chip Fault Finding
► GMCH Chip Fault Finding
► Graphics Chip (NVidia, ATI etc.) Fault Finding
► CPU not working Fault Finding
► USB Port Not Working (One or All)
► Laptop Works on External Monitor but Not Work with Internal LCD
► Laptop Works with Internal LCD but Not Works on External Monitor
► VGA & LVDS Signal and Musk Chip Fault Finding
► SATA / IDE Hard Disk does not work
► SATA / IDE DVD Rom does not work
► LAN does not work
► Web Camera does not work
► Blue Tooth does not work
► System Fan Failure
► Heat pipe failure
► Keyboard does not work
► Touch Pad does not work
► Dim Display (Hardly see windows): Inverter or Back light Failure
► Laptop Open but Shutdown Immediately
► Laptop Randomly Restart
► Power Button does not Work
► Head Phone & Micro Phone do not work
► Internal Speakers do not work
► Battery Is not recognized by windows
► Battery Indicator shows Low Signal
► Laptop Over Heating or Thermal Fault Finding
► Clock Chip do not Release Clock Signals
► Crystal do not work

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