DPS-305CF 30V 5A DC Power Supply High-Grade With 38 Pcs Universal Laptop DC Power Adapter Connector


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Brand & Model DPS-305CF 30V 5A DC Power Supply High-Grade With 38 Pcs Universal Laptop DC Power Adapter Connector
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DPS-305CF 30V 5A DC Power Supply High-Grade With 38 Pcs Universal Laptop DC Power Adapter Connector
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Description : 
DPS-305CF 30V 5A DC Digital Control Laboratory Adjustable Power Supply for Laptop Repair

DPS series digital input adjustable DC power supply is designed for laboratory, school, production lines and electronic repair designed for use. Voltage stability is high, small ripple factor, has improved the short circuit protection and overcurrent protection.

Due to the voltage value is a digital keyboard input, shorten the voltage setting time, completely overcome the traditional potentiometer adjustment poor contact caused by voltage instability phenomenon. The internal power supply containing electronic switch, can conveniently open the output load.

DPS – 305 CF : Five digit current display measuring accuracy : 00000-0.0450A, ±0.0001A
                                                                                                                         0.0450-0.450A, ± 0.001A
                                                                                                                         0.450-5 A, ±0.01 A

Specification : 

1, rated working conditions and dimensions
Power supply voltage 220V + 10%50 / 60Hz
Working conditions : 0-40 temperature relative humidity 80%
Storage temperature : – 10-70 C 70% relative humidity
Dimensions : 265 x 128 x 150mm ( D * W * H )

2, regulated state parameters
The voltage output from 0 to 30V can be continuously adjusted ( to distinguish the value of 0.1V )
The precision of output voltage : + 0.1V
Voltage stability : < 0.01%+3mv
Load stability : < 0.01%+3mv
Recovery time : 100uS
Ripple noise voltage : < 1mVRMS ( 5Hz-1MHz )
Temperature coefficient : < 300PPM / C

3, a constant current state parameters
Constant current value : 305 CM 5A Ma constant current maximum 500 mA
303CM 3A Ma constant current maximum 500 mA
Constant current output current from 0 to the nominal value of continuous adjustable ( to distinguish the value of 0.01A )
Constant current output accuracy : + 0.01A ( MA constant current precision : + 1mA)
The current stability of the < 0.1%+3mA
Load stability < 0.1%+3mA
Ripple noise current < 3mARMS

4, current and voltage display accuracy
Voltage display accuracy : + 0.1V ( constant current state )
Current display accuracy : + 0.01A ( constant pressure )
Ma current display accuracy : + 1mA ( constant pressure )

5, storage capacity
Storage and call ten current, voltage data ( 305 / CM )
Initial has been deposited in the data : 1 keys ( 3V ) 2 ( 5V ) button button 3 ( 9V ) 4 ( 12V ) 5 button button button ( 13.8V ) 6 ( 15V ) 7 ( 18V ) 8 button button button ( 19V ) 9 ( 20V ) 0 ( 24V ) current key value is 5A, the user can arbitrarily settings change the desired voltage and current.

6, a voltage step range
10V / 1V / 0.1V lifting voltage step
Three panel features
In 1, the front panel
Current display window
Voltage display window
Data entry keyboard ( double function keys are : 0 / mA decimal point / latch / ENT / password 4 / stepper
7 / 8 / 9 step step / step / step 2 / 1 step 3 / step )
Constant voltage / ENT indicating lamp
Constant current lamp
Output indicator
Ma status indicator
Power switch
Output ports : ” -” negative polarity ( black )
GND : ground earthing terminal ( green )
Output ports : ” +” the positive ( red )

Using notes :

1. the initial state power :

Power every time when energized, the first display888-888digital tube display models, and then, on the display a setting voltage and current values, and finally into the working state and output.

2. the value of the input voltage

A step input
123456keys are 10V / 1V / 0.1V step lifting key, in order to prevent misoperation damage load, lift the 10V must also press 4 and7 or4 and1to lift.
B key input
Column : the need for13.8V output voltage
According to the voltage V respectively by 138press ENT key to finish last.
Column : the need for9V output voltage
According to the voltage V by 9followed by the ENT key is complete.
Column : need to output 4.5V
According to the voltage V by 4.5Finally, press the ENT key is complete.
According to the voltage V respectively by 04.5Finally, press the ENT key and a result is the same as above.
A word with the most complex and the most simple input method the results are the same.

Voltage input data is greater than 300and greater than 30V, instruments do not accept input, return not set before the voltage value. When the keyboard input data do not meet the requirements or input the wrong data, need to be removed to input new data in time, press the V key, so just input voltage data delete disappeared, can enter again. If this time to withdraw from the voltage setting state, only need to press the ENT key is returned ( and to exit the voltage input must press the V button, press ENT key to exit in return ).

Voltage display window a bit word flashing, then power waiting for input the data bits.
V / ENT input confirmation light flashes, indicating apparatus in waits for the user to press the ENT button to confirm.

3. the value of the input current

Input current value is automatically transferred to the state apparatus constant current constant current value, when the load current is equal to and greater than the constant current value, the power from the voltage state into the automatic constant current state, current limitations in the set value to output, not cut load.

Column : the need for1.38A output current
According to the current I respectively by 1.38finally, press the ENT key is complete.
Column : the need for5A output current
According to the current I directly by5followed by the ENT key is complete.
Column : the need for0.5A output current
According to the current I directly press.5finally press the ENT key is complete.
According to the current I respectively by 0.5Finally, press the ENT key and a result is the same as above.
A word with the most complex and the most simple input method the results are the same.


Voltage input data is greater than500 and greater than or equal to 0.00A5A, instruments do not accept input, return not set the current value before.
When you press the I key, current display window to display a current input value, when the power input and the confirmation input RMS, apparatus to display the value of the input current, in returning to display the actual current measurement.
When the keyboard input data do not meet the requirements or input the wrong data, need to be removed to input new data,

In the time of pressing the I key, the input data is removed away, can enter again. If this time to exit the current settings, only need to press the ENT key is returned ( and to exit the current input mode must press the I button, press ENT button to exit in return ).
When you press the I key, the instrument stop voltage output, only the ENT button is pressed, to output voltage. Current display window a bit word flashing, then input the current data.
ENT or V / ENT input confirmation indicating lamp glitters, indicating apparatus for pressing the ENT key

4. constant current and voltage characteristics

When the output current reaches a predetermined input constant flow and constant value, automatically from the constant voltage state into the constant current state, but along with the load current is lower than the set value, automatically from the constant current constant voltage state returned to the state. In the front panel of the indicating lamp V lights in a state of constant pressure, the front panel of the indicating lamp is bright in the I constant current state.

Column : for battery charging /12V DC power, the power output is set to 13.8V, the constant current value is set to1A, while the power supply output access storage battery,1A battery constant current charging, when the charging is finished, do not need constant current 1A charge, while the power supply for battery voltage13.8V trickle supplement.

5. power two current protection state operation

Power electricity per will automatically default to constant current CC protection status, current setting value is constant current protection current value.

OCP overcurrent automatic cut-off state of access methods :

First press the4keys do not loosen state, press I button, CC indicator lights up, enter the OCP overcurrent automatic cut-off state, and the state in the OCP, CV lights and CC lights is bright at the same time, before the input or preservation of the constant current value is automatically converted to COP automatically stops the output current value.

When the load current value equal to or greater than the OCP flow value, it will automatically stop output power, current and voltage display for 000-000, OUT lights at the same time out. Need to output voltage, simply press the OUT button, OUT lights, power supply is automatically the output voltage value.

Special note : when power is shut down after a reboot, OCP will automatically disappear, enter the CC constant current state.

6. keyboard password lock (303 / 305CM )

In a separate press ENT three banknote, V / ENT indicator light will flash, waiting to enter the password, the power to stop the output, if press the 258button three, ENT or V / ENT instructions exhibit of lanterns to slow blink, explain the password has been entered correctly, at the same time the output voltage. Such a state of V I 0. The key is lost, cannot change the voltage / current / storage / call / MA data. Password lift : repeat the above process after the first, on the restoration of V I 0key functions.


This code is available only to authorized users.

If you press the ENT three banknote, ENT lights flash quickly for several seconds, no password or password is not correct, then the apparatus automatically returned to the prior state.

7. The output switching function

When the instrument is OUT indicator light, press the OUT key, while the power supply stop output. When the instrument is OUT indicating lamp is extinguished, press the OUT key and in the release, while the power supply is output, while OUT indicator light.

8. Storage / call (303 / 305CM )

A storage :

To set up the required storage V, I value, in a separate press. ( decimal ) button for 3 seconds and then, V / ENT lamp flashes slowly, power into the storage state, then slow flashing5 seconds, if press0 to9number keys, then current, voltage data is stored in the keys ( such as1, depositing a1keys ). At the same time, V / ENT lights flashing, and enters into the working state.

If the slow flashing 5seconds without press 0to 9keys, then from the stored state and back to work.

B quick call :

Separate quick click. ( decimal ) key, V / ENT lamp flashes, power into the out of state, in the rapid flashing3 seconds, if press0 to9 number keys, power supply is automatically removed existed before0 to9keys in the current and voltage data, and display and output.

If the flash quickly for 3seconds without press 0to 9keys, then from out of state and back to work.

9. The current A / mA conversion

Initial electrifying current A or constant current A display, maximum output current of 3A or5A, when the separate press 0keys, 3 seconds later, the mA indicator light, current decimal point out, power into the output state, the current display or a constant current value is Ma units, the maximum output current of 0.5A.

If the power needed to return to the A state, Shun again separate press 0keys, 3 seconds later, the mA indicator is extinguished, it returns a A state.


At this point you can measure the maximum current of 500mA, a constant current is500 ma.

10. The increase of cooling fan

This machine is no fan design, support for the full power output, for24 hours or longer continuous full power output, can be added to reduce the temperature in the machine fan.

Method : the machine installation in power supply board reserved fan interface CJ11(Vcc is positive) and a fan fixing hole, a user only needs to add model 802524V voltage for DC fan.

Attention : 

1. The input voltage selection : the input AC voltage should be 220V + 10%50Hz.

2. The ground : three core power line to the protective earth terminal earth must be reliable access security, to ensure that users and peripheral equipment safety.

3. Insurance tube replacement : when the power supply after pressing the power switch, panel lights and digital tube are all bright, there may be

Insurance tube burn, if confirmation is insurance tube burn, will have to find the insurance tube burn causes and elimination, substitution of the same specifications

Insurance tube. Remember, replacement of the fuse tube must pull the power plug from the socket removed, can be replaced.

4. Placing : to ensure the power of life, being used for a long time, please keep power placed in well-ventilated environment make (23 degrees C. do not put in the environment temperature is higher than 40 DEG C place, radiator is located on the instrument’s rear, should leave enough space

, to facilitate heat dissipation. Not a long time, should be the power supply plug.

5. Abnormal operation : the power supply mode of operation and non operation will not cause the power damage, but has the potential to damage the load ( when the output voltage exceeds the load voltage ).

Package Includes
► 1 Pcs DPS-305CF 30V 5A Digital Laboratory Adjustable DC Power Supply
► 1 Pcs Power Cord
► 1 Set 38 Pcs Universal Laptop DC Power Adapter Connector

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০১। ক্যাশ অন ডেলিভারি: হোম ডেলিভারি সুবিধা এবং পণ্য হাতে পেয়ে মূল্য পরিশোধ করা।
০২। অন কন্ডিশন ডেলিভারি: পণ্যের মূল্য পরিশোধ করে কুরিয়ার অফিস থেকে অর্ডার কৃত পণ্য নিতে হবে।
০৩। ক্যাশ / নগদ: পণ্য কেনার ক্ষেত্রে আমরা সরাসরি শপে নগদ লেনদেন গ্রহণ করি।
০৪। ব্যাংক ডিপোজিট: পণ্য ক্রয় করে তার মূল্য আমাদের ব্যাংক হিসাবে জমা দেয়া যাবে।
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০৬। মোবাইল ফোন পেমেন্ট:
(ক) বিকাশ পারসোনাল: 01918959769 (চার্জ প্রযোজ্য)
(খ) বিকাশ মারচেন্ট: 01611434400 (চার্জ প্রযোজ্য)
(বিকাশ পেমেন্ট করতে ক্লিক করুন)
(গ) রকেট পারসোনাল: 01918959769 (চার্জ প্রযোজ্য)
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(ঙ) নগদ পারসোনাল: 01611434400 (চার্জ প্রযোজ্য)

পার্সেল ডেলিভারি সময়: ঢাকার মধ্যে ১ – ২ দিন, ঢাকার বাহিরে ১ – ৩ দিন।
এডভান্স প্রযোজ্য: ক্যাশ অন ডেলিভারি ঢাকার মধ্যে ১০০ টাকা এবং ঢাকার বাহিরে ২০০-৫০০ টাকা।
কুরিয়ার চার্জ: ঢাকা সিটির ভিতর হোম ডেলিভারি চার্জ ৫০ টাকা থেকে শুরু। ঢাকার বাহিরে সমগ্র বাংলাদেশে ডেলিভারি চার্জ ১০০ টাকা থেকে শুরু। কুরিয়ার সার্ভিস এবং পণ্যের ওজন ও সাইজ অনুযায়ী চার্জ বেশী হতে পারে।

ফোন অর্ডার: 017 35 36 37 33,  019 88 87 97 27 (সকাল ১০.০০টা থেকে রাত ০৯.০০)
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WhatsApp: +8801735363733

প্রতিদিন নামাজের সময় এবং শুক্রবার মার্কেট সাপ্তাহিক বন্ধ থাকার কারনে এ সময়ে ফোনে অর্ডার নেওয়া সম্ভব নয়।

১. ওয়েবসাইটে ব্যবহৃত ছবিটি পণ্য চিত্রনের জন্য ব্যবহার করা হয়েছে। মূল পণ্য হুবহু অনুরূপ নাও হতে পারে। এক্ষেত্রে আকার, রং, নকশার ভিন্নতা থাকতে পারে। এ বিষয়ে অমিল হলে কোন দাবী গ্রহনযোগ্য হবে না ।
২. আমরা এই নিশ্চয়তা দেই না যে, এই পেইজে বর্নিত বিষয়গুলি শতভাগ সঠিক। কাজেই প্রাপ্ত ফলাফল কোন ক্ষেত্রে ভিন্ন হলে মামনূন কম্পিউটার সিস্টেমস দায়ী নয়।
৩. পণ্যের স্টক একটি পরিবর্তনশীল বিষয়। কাজেই পণ্য ক্রয়ের জন্য অনুগ্রহ করে স্টক নিশ্চিত হতে আমাদের সাথে যোগাযোগ করুন। অথবা পণ্যটি আমাদের ওয়েবসাইটের মাধ্যেমে অর্ডার করে রাখুন, পরে আমাদের একজন বিক্রয় প্রতিনিধি আপনার সাথে যোগাযোগ করে বিস্তারিত জানাবেন।
৪. ওয়ারেন্টি পেতে বা প্রোডাক্ট ফেরত দিতে হলে পূর্বে আমাদের সাথে যোগাযোগ করুন। প্রোডাক্ট সরাসরি আমাদের শপে এসে আথবা আমাদের নির্ধারিত কুরিয়ারে পাঠাতে পারবেন।

**ওয়ারেন্টি পিরিয়ড শেষ হবার পর কোন প্রোডাক্ট আমাদের কাছে রিপেয়ার / সার্ভিসিং এর জন্য দিলে 8০ কার্যদিবসের মধ্যে ফেরত নিতে হবে। অন্যথায় উক্ত সময়ের পর রিপেয়ারের জন্য দেয়া পণ্য হারিয়ে গেলে বা নষ্ট হয়ে গেলে মামনূন কম্পিউটার সিস্টেম দায়ী থাকবে না ।

**প্রোডাক্ট ক্রয়ের সময় ক্রেতাগন অবশ্যই সংশ্লিষ্ট পন্যের কি কি ফাংশন আছে বা নেই তা দেখে ক্রয় করবেন। ক্রয়ের পর কোন ফাংশন নেই এবং এর জন্য পন্য ফেরত দিতে চাইলে তা গ্রহনযোগ্য হবে না।

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