Hantek DSO4204C 200MHz 4Channels Digital Oscilloscope & Function Waveform Generator

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Brand & Model Hantek DSO4204C 200MHz 4CH Digital Oscilloscope 200MHz 4Channels 1GSa/s Waveform Generator
Country of Origin Hantek China
Condition Original Brand New
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Hantek DSO4204C 200MHz 4CH Digital Oscilloscope 200MHz 4Channels 1GSa/s Waveform / Function Generator
The Hantek DSO4204C is an easy-to-use digital oscilloscope with 200 MHZ bandwidth, a minimum range of 500 μV /div, 1GS/s sample rate. The DSO4204C also comes equipped with a function generator that goes up to 25 MHz.
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Product Description
Hantek DSO4204C Features:

  • 4 Channel Oscilloscope with an external trigger, digital volt meter, and auto-ranging 1 channel function generator.
  • Over 32 auto-measurement functions.
  • Over 14 types of trigger functions, including an edge, overtime, pulse, pattern, and interval.
  • Decode Type: I2C, SPI, UART, LIN, CAN.
  • Supports a variety of SCPI remote control commands
  • USB storage and remote interface
  • Options not included (even though custom orders possible) include: RS232, LAN ,HDMI, WIFI, Touch Screen, SD storage

Item Includes: 4 Oscilloscope probes (200 MHz 1x, 10x attenuation, 1MΩ), Installation CD, USB A-B cable, BNC to BNC cable, Power Cord

Hantek DSO4204C Specifications:

  • Bandwidth: 200MHz
  • Rise Time (BNC, typical):≤1.8ns
  • Sample Rate Range:1GS/s
  • Channel: 4 Channel+EXT
  • Input Coupling: DC,AC or GND
  • Input Impedance: 1MΩ±2%,20pF±3 pF
  • Probe Attenuation: 1X,10X
  • Supported Probe Attenuation Factors: 1X,10X,100X,1000X
  • Overvoltage Category: 300V CAT II
  • Maximum Input Voltage: 300VRMS (10X)
  • Waveform Interpolation: (sin x)/x
  • Record Length:Max. 64K samples per single-channel; Max. 32K samples per dual-channel (4K, 32K optional)
  • Horizontal Scale (s/div): 2ns/div~100s/div, 1~2~5 sequence
  • Sample Rate and Delay Time Accuracy: ±50ppm
  • Delta Time Measurement Accuracy (Full Bandwidth):
  • Single-shot, Normal mode: ±(1 sample interval+100ppm*reading+0.6ns)
  • >16 averages:±(1 sample interval+100ppm*reading + 0.4ns)
  • Sample interval = s/div ÷ 200
  • AD Converter: 8-bit resolution,each channel sampled simultaneously
  • Vertical Scale (Probe 1X): 500μV/div~10V/div at input BNC
  • Position Range: 500μV/div~20mV/div, ±400mV; 50mV/div~200mV/div, ±2V; 500mV/div~2V/div, ±40V; 5V/div~10V/div, ±50V
  • Selectable Analog Bandwidth Limit: 20MHz (typical)
  • Low Frequency Response (-3db): ≤10Hz at BNC
  • DC Gain Accuracy: ±3% for Normal or Average acquisition mode, 10V/div to 10mV/div; ±4% for Normal or Average acquisition mode, 5mV/div to 500μV/div
  • Acquisition Modes:Normal, Peak Detect, Average and HR
  • Acquisition Rate (typical): Up to 2000 waveforms per second per channel (Normal acquisition mode, no measurement)
  • Trigger Mode: Auto and Normal
  • Trigger Level: CH1~CH4: ±4 divisions from center of screen; EXT:0~3.3V
  • Holdoff Range: 20ns~10s
  • Trigger Level Accuracy: CH1~CH4:0.2div*volts/div within ±4 divisions from center of screen; EXT:± (6% of setting + 40mV)
  • Trigger Type: Edge,Pulse Width,Video,Slope,Overtime,Window,Pattern,Interval,Under Amp
  • Decode Type (Standard): I2C,SPI,UART,LIN,CAN
  • Cursors: Voltage difference between cursors: Delta V
  • Time difference between cursors: Delta T
  • Reciprocal of Delta T in Hertz (1/Delta T)
  • Automatic Measurements:Frequency, Period, Average, Pk-Pk, RMS, PeriodRms, Min, Max, RiseTime, FallTime, + Width, – Width, + Duty, – Duty, Vbase, Vtop, Vmid, Vamp, Overshoot, Preshoot, PeriodAvg, FOVShoot, RPREShoot, BWidth, FRR, FFF, FRF, FFR, LRR, LRF, LFR and LFF
  • Display Type: 7 inch 64K color TFT 800*480 pixels
  • Dimension: 318 x 110 x 150mm(L x W x H)
  • Weight: 2900g

Function Generator Mode:

  • 25 MHz Sine Wave
  • 5 MHz Square, EXP, ARB Waves
  • 1 MHz Ramp Wave
  • Amplitude 5mV~3.5Vp-p(50Ω)
  • Frequency resolution 0.001
  • 1Ch waveform output
  • 4KSa waveform depth
  • 12 bit resolution
  • Output impedance: 50 Ω

Tech Specs:

Channels: 4

Sampling Rate: 1GSa/s

Memory: <50k

Rise Time: ≤1.8ns

Screen Type: LCD

Portable: Tabletop

Bandwidth: 200MHz

Exact Bandwidth: 200MHz

Exact Sampling Rate: 1GSa/s

Package Includes
  • 1Pcs (LRT704) Hantek DSO4202C 200MHz 2Channels Digital Oscilloscope & Function Waveform Generator
  • 2Pcs Passive probes
  • 1Pcs Power cable
  • 1Pcs USB data cable
  • 1Pcs CD (Software and User’s guide)


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