Keyboard For HP Pavilion DV6-6000 DV6-6100 DV6-6200 Series


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Support Laptops Keyboard For HP Pavilion DV6-6000 DV6-6100 DV6-6200 Series
Layout US Compatible.

Condition Brand New (OEM), Genuine parts & Grade A+.
Warrenty 3 Months.

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Keyboard For HP Pavilion DV6-6000 DV6-6100 DV6-6200 Series
Need to Check & Consider Before You Buy This Keyboard :
❂ Please check the photos before you purchase the Laptop keyboard.
❂ Find & Compare Laptop brand, Model/Series name & number or Keyboard Part no with your old one!.
❂ Check Color, Language & layout (US/UK)- Enter key US Type: “Enter” key is a rectangle & EU Type: “Enter” key looks like “7”.
❂ Make sure new keyboard has same shape, mounts position & ribbon cable looks as your old one!.
❂ If you are not sure about shape, mounts position & ribbon type, send us your laptop model or Keyboard Part no...

✪ Please check and confirm the package content and the price before buying. After used no return.
✪ If you want to buy any products, you can order online for home delivery or visit our shop.
✪ Please feel free to Contact Us if you need any further information.
Laptop Keyboard for the above models is made from original company & high quality parts and MCS confirms the specifications similar to your laptop requirements.
Product Description
Compatible Part :665326-001, 665937-001, 90.4RH07.L01, 640436-001, 634139-001, 644363-001, 634139-001, 633890-001, MH-634139-001, MH-633890-001, NSK-HW0US, 9Z.N6DUS.001, V122603AS1 DV6-6000, DV6-6100, DV6-6b00, DV6-6C00, DV6T-6000, DV6T-6100 DV6T-6200 Series DV6-6C10US, DV6-6C11NR, DV6-6C12NR, DV6-6C13CL, DV6-6C13NR, DV6-6C14NR, DV6-6C15NR, DV6-6C16NR, DV6-6C18NR, DV6-6C23NR, DV6-6C29WM, DV6-6C35DX, DV6-6C40CA, DV6-6C40US,DV6-6C43CL, DV6-6C43NR, DV6-6C47CL, DV6-6C48US, DV6-6C50CA, DV6-6C50US, DV6-6C51CA, DV6-6C53CL, DV6-6C53NR, DV6-6C54NR, DV6-6C57NR, DV6-6C60CA, DV6-6C61NR, DV6-6C73CA Series
Compatible Models:
HP Pavilion DV6-6000 DV6t-6000 CTO Series DV6-6000eg DV6-6001ea DV6-6001eg DV6-6001sg DV6-6002eg DV6-6002sg DV6-6003eg DV6-6004sa DV6-6005ea DV6-6005eg DV6-6005sg DV6-6006ea DV6-6007sg DV6-6007TX DV6-6008eg DV6-6008sa DV6-6008TX DV6-6011tu DV6-6012tu DV6-6013cl DV6-6013tu DV6-6020ca DV6-6022eg DV6-6023tx DV6-6024tx DV6-6025tx DV6-6026tx DV6-6027tx DV6-6029tx DV6-6033cl DV6-6040ca DV6-6042sf DV6-6047cl DV6-6051sf DV6-6051xx DV6-6054ef DV6-6054sf DV6-6063sf DV6-6070ca DV6-6087eg DV6-6090sf DV6-6090us DV6-6091nr DV6-6096nr DV6-6097nr DV6-6100 DV6t-6100 CTO DV6z-6100 CTO Series DV6-6104ca DV6-6104nr DV6-6106nr DV6-6108us DV6-6110tu DV6-6110us DV6-6111nr DV6-6112nr DV6-6113cl DV6-6115nr DV6-6116nr DV6-6117dx DV6-6118nr DV6-6119wm DV6-6120us DV6-6121he DV6-6123cl DV6-6123nr DV6-6124ca DV6-6126nr DV6-6127cl DV6-6128ca DV6-6128nr DV6-6130ca DV6-6130us DV6-6131us DV6-6134tx DV6-6135ca DV6-6135dx DV6-6135tx DV6-6136nr DV6-6136tx DV6-6137tx DV6-6138nr DV6-6138tx DV6-6139tx DV6-6140us DV6-6144ca DV6-6145ca DV6-6145dx DV6-6147tx DV6-6148ca DV6-6148nr DV6-6149nr DV6-6150us DV6-6152nr DV6-6153ca DV6-6153cl DV6-6154nr DV6-6155ca DV6-6157nr DV6-6158nr DV6-6159us DV6-6161he DV6-6163cl DV6-6167cl DV6-6169us DV6-6170us DV6-6172nr DV6-6173cl DV6-6175ca DV6-6178ca DV6-6180us DV6-6181nr DV6-6182nr DV6-6183nr DV6-6184ca DV6-6185nr DV6-6186nr DV6-6188ca DV6-6190us DV6-6193ca DV6-6195ca DV6-6b00 DV6t-6b00 CTO DV6z-6b00 CTO Series DV6-6b19wm DV6-6b21he DV6-6b22he DV6-6b26us DV6-6b27nr DV6-6b47dx DV6-6b48nr DV6-6b51nr DV6-6b75ca DV6-6b83ca / DV6-6c00 DV6t-6c00 CTO DV6z-6c00 CTO Series DV6-6c10us DV6-6c11nr DV6-6c12nr DV6-6c13cl DV6-6c13nr DV6-6c14nr DV6-6c15nr DV6-6c16nr DV6-6c18nr DV6-6c29wm DV6-6c35dx DV6-6c40ca DV6-6c40us DV6-6c43cl DV6-6c43nr DV6-6c47cl DV6-6c48us DV6-6c50ca DV6-6c50us DV6-6c51ca DV6-6c53cl DV6-6c53nr DV6-6c54nr DV6-6c57nr DV6-6c73ca
Package Includes
► 1pcs Keyboard For HP Pavilion DV6-6000 DV6-6100 DV6-6200 Series


Warranty Policy

The Entire Warranty Claim Process Can Take 01-10 Working Days. Warranty Void For Damages Due To Misuse Of Product, Physical Damage, Electrical & Short Circuit Fault And Warranty Sticker Removed.



Easy Return

If there is any manufacturing fault or defective or wrong products delivered, you can Request for Return or Exchage or Full Refund within 3 Days after received the products.

Please Note

Product Color, Sticker Printing & Shape may vary & always not same as shown in main image.

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