Laptop LCD LED Panel Tester support 7~84 Inch Panel 10pcs LVDS interface Cable


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Model Number T-1500
Manufacturer OEM China
Condition Brand New Original
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Laptop LCD LED Panel Tester support 7~84 Inch Panel With 10pcs LVDS interface Cable
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Product Description
  • The T-1500 is the fifth generation of LCD test tool which is built with newly designed hardware and software, all the output ports have short protection circuit to minimize accidential damage. ?
  • The LVDS signal output of this tester has 45 resolution selections. It also has 12 LCD test signal patern.?
  • To use this tool, you need to know the resolution of the LCD screen and the bit number of the LVDS cable for that screen, then check them against the list of screen parameter on the panel to find the right parameter and input it with the “+” key and “-” key on the panel digital tude, Then connect the LVDS and backlight cables. ?press the power key to turn on the power.?
  • During the test procedure, if you want to test another screen, you need not to unplug the power adapter, just press the power key on the panel to turn the power off.?
Package Includes
► 1 Pcs T-1500 Laptop LCD LED Screen Panel Tester support 7~84″
► 10 Pcs LVDS interface Cable
► 1 Pcs 12V AC power adapter
► 1 Pcs Power Cable
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